The Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill




1Group Classes

Are you interested in building lean muscle, burning fat and improving your health?   Our group classes are a great way to do it in a motivating environment.  Through music and variation, our 30+ weekly classes are designed to build strength and sculpt your body… We vary routines to keep out the boredom and keep it interesting!

2Cardio & Weights

The Tennis & Fitness Center pf Rocky Hill offers a broad range of free weights and machines which are perfect for strength training and endurance building. The fitness center also offers an array of cardio machines and equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, stair steppers, and exercise bikes for a variety of cardio work outs.


Spinning classes focus on endurance, strength, interval and high intensity workouts using various levels of bike tension and cadence.  Spinning is a great way to burn calories and focus on strengthening your core.  With our motivating instructors and music, and you will enjoy your spinning experience!


Yoga is a great way to increase many aspects of your physical and mental well-being.  Relaxation is the most well known benefit of yoga, but, practicing yoga regularly is known to improve the cardiovascular system and maintain overall fitness and well-being.